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Sex dating in charlottesville virginia

You tried to claim I wasn’t “really” alt-right, even though I’ve been writing in this part of the Internet since before most of you got your first pubes.You tried to push aside my arguments by calling me “fat” or bringing up the fact that I’ve slept with Asian women, as if my weight or my past actions have any bearing on the truth of my words.For crying out loud, James Alex Fields, Jr., the Nazi LARPer weirdo who killed a woman at Charlottesville, is a perfect example of their breed.Not only was the alt-right’s leadership failing to provide these young men with masculine guidance, as the “Third Jimpact” showed, they were actively taking advantage of their naivete and feeding their worst traits.From Heilgate to the doxing of Fat Mike Enoch to Richard Spencer getting his clock cleaned in public by a shit-eating cuck: it was all leading up to this moment.

It’s like Kessler, Spencer, and everyone else was asleep for the past two years, when the Democrats were paying professional agitators to “bird-dog” Donald Trump’s rallies and instigate riots.—over the expressed wishes of his partner, Daniel Friberg, as well as everyone else involved with the site—for reasons so insanely petty and small I won’t repeat them here. Now I don’t need to wash your retarded stink off of me.He did this despite the fact that I was by far the most popular writer for predecessor sites, and despite the fact that I stood by him during the Heilgate fiasco when Mike Cernovich was accusing him of being a fed, even though I’ve always been closer to Cernovich than to Spencer. Charlottesville was the death rattle of the alt-right.I warned you that putting morons like the fat, bumbling coward Mike Enoch in leadership positions would end badly for you.Remember when Enoch was exposed as having a Jewish wife and his immediate response was to not only straight-up lie about it, but to enlist fake news media site help in throwing his audience under the bus by smearing them as “neo-Nazis?

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He’s like Tucker Max, the narcissistic ex-player who was able to crash cars into storefronts, get arrested for attacking cops, and screw up over and over again because his daddy would bail him out whenever he got in over his head.

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