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From his writing, it is evident that he was biased against Oromo.

The following quotation from Bahrey, (in Beckingham et al, 1954), vividly illustrates typical Abyssinian cultural, religious and racial biases against Oromo.

If anyone should say of my subject, ' Why has he written a history of a bad people, just as one would write a history of good people?The Oromo are one of the Cushitic-speaking groups of people with variations in color and physical characteristics ranging from Hamitic to Nilotic.A brief look at the early history of some of the peoples who occupied north-eastern Africa sheds some light on the ethnic origin of Oromo.', I would answer by saying ' Search in the books, and you will find that the history of Mohamed and the Moslem kings has been written, and they are our enemies in religion." In fact, it appears that the main purpose of his writing was to encourage Abyssinians against Oromo.Bahrey, Atseme, Harris, Haberiand and others description of what they called the ' invasion of the sixteenth century was neither an invasion nor a migration.

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It was rather a national movement of the Oromo people ...