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Iphone cams adult

The camera itself shows a beautiful picture and is easy to adjust up and down.The white wire controls the grid,so if you want a distance grid you have to cut the white wire. I did not see these instructions in my package but emailed the company who emailed quickly with the info. My only complaint is that it is limited in the settings.You have the choice to add the device manually or just scan the code on the bottom of the camera to add it automatically.I chose the scanning option to add the camera and then held the phone close to the camera so they could pair at which point I was able to see live video on my phone.So I removed my old doorbell only to find out that my bricks (didn't even notice) are uneven/unflat and there's no way for me to install Ring against my bricks. My friend lent me his concrete carbide tipped drill bit, didn't work - but it did allow me to drill a hole on the mortar, but ...As expected, I tried drilling through the brick using a hammer drill and the drill bit that came with it. full reviewVIDEOID:6dfebf65ec3eb3f4e16bfa15025a9727This is a very nice security camera, extremely easy to set up!

I would have liked to set it at 30 seconds or below.


This provides proper daytime color compared to the weird daytime colors of non-switching cameras which simply "mix" IR and visible light. v=ewmlw7R1ph EAfter using this doorbell for a few months, Im still happy with my purchase.On the positive side, the camera sensitivity is quite good and provides a very viewable image in most every lighting condition - even those really tough high-contrast daytime situations with lots of bright and shady areas.The IR LEDs provide surprisingly good lighting range out to at least 20 feet and beyond in nice dark conditions.The whole setup procedure took less than ten minutes.The picture quality when viewing the live video is really clear and I am able to see all around the room by swiping on my screen to move the camera left, right, up and down. full review This is a pretty good value for the money (at ) but does have a couple minor issues which reading this review will hopefully make less of a problem...

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After reading the directions I first downloaded the app to my smart phone and registered an account.