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Again, showing off blogging's exciting immediacy, a Boom Selection correspondent uploaded his digital snap in lightning speed.

The cast of thousands from the 'Mash-Up/Bootleg/Bastard Pop' scene owe a lot to Boom Selection's blogs; someone on Beatmixed recently jibed that "it's actually the_dr who owes a lot - to the hundreds? left out of pocket" when he couldn't cope with demand after releasing his jaw-dropping 'Never Mind The Bootlegs' compilation that was packed to the rafters with every conceivable cut-up from the history of boots/mash-ups/bastard pop.

Irrespective of dissecting its meaning(s) and simply taking the film on entertainment value, the bold super-slick style is worth any admission price alone.

Backdrops (such as the rooftop golf) dazzle, scenes like Sorter's climactic shoot-out at Billy's, the unexpected car-crash and restaurant bang-bang, all ambitiously twist techniques of conventional cinema.

I often tagged 'Boom' the CNN of cut-up; right there on the front-line of a very exciting musical movement, in many ways, more DIY than Punk itself.

), supporting the James Hyman/Audio Shrapnel Mix-CDs from Vol.2 right through to 007 & Tarantino, plus hailing me the new Pete Tong (! It's one of my favourite films ever, firmly imprinted in my mind, still bubbling brain cells to this day.

Wishful thinking maybe, oh well, 'That's Life' :) Paul, big up your doc.!!

So there I was glancing at Time Out's 'London Trivia' issue, thinking, who on earth bothered to take the time and work out that St.

(Pictured below: left 'the_dr', middle 'James Hyman', far right, 'Pojmasta' at All-City Night, October 2003) 20 September, 7PM - Leicester Square's Odeon - yours truly the Rinsemaster treads red carpet with Mavis (above/far right), Kate (above/far left), George (above right on left), Craig, Victoria & the Shrapnels for Revolver World Premiere. ) In a nave, unfeasible scenario, imagine a 2-week embargo on film critics/reviews until after initial release i.e.

Some critics have found the film confusing and difficult; well, I find that lazy journalism and/or another personal dig at Guy Ritchie. Sorry, but how many David Lynch films are easy to get? judge/decide on your own merits not several other people's with their own media-agenda(s) - flip da scrip!!

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) and introducing me to El Steve 'SPEC' Mannion (designer of this very site) etc. What about another recent 'cult' film, Donnie Darko that continues to create message board mania with geeks and normal cinema-goers scratching their heads with bewilderment on its 'meaning' - did it get a harsh slating? Forums like IMDB's still throb with queries on 2 other personal fave flicks, Jacob's Ladder & Angel Heart; both gaining positive props not negative knocks.