Dating in indianapolis

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Dating in indianapolis

Building more relationships “is something our maturing tech community needs more of right now,” he said.So, like matchmakers who set up dates, Tech Point on Oct.Learning about each other Down the hall, Perceivant CEO Christopher Johnson and his marketing and content manager, Nicole O’Neal, were also confronting the challenge of making 20-minute pitches for their software aimed at college students.

“Here, everybody lets their guard down.” His co-founder and chief strategy officer, Shawn Schwegman, former chief technology officer at, pulled up his laptop and began reviewing data he’d already prepared about a visitor’s company and its competitors.

“We bring in all the knowledge from the other startups we have.” Cloran and business partner Ken Miller were eager to speak with executives, particularly those from big companies that might want to hatch an idea but need to validate it before going into development.

“We’ve had a lot of great conversations,” Cloran said.

In fact, most of the arena became a Tech Point billboard, with the ribbon of video screens encircling the arena all touting Tailwind messages. 63, the CEO of Indianapolis-based Springbuk Inc., Rod Reasen, and account executive Lauren Howard, waited for the “dates” to arrive.

“This should be an excellent event for us,” said Reasen, whose health data analytics and software firm snapped up 450 customers since January 2015.

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“It is fascinating to know you’re ahead of the marketplace,” he said of Springbuk’s platform.