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The general cost of building in the business climate that we have is beyond the reach of many people.With that in mind we are offering a number of starter and complete houses in a modular kit form where the complete shell is provided where the owner can finish the project off as and when additional funds become available.If you want, you can call people directly from the texting screen or skim through all the photos and videos you’ve sent to each other. Despite seeming like a completely free and ad-free app, Textra actually starts you off on a 14-day ad-free trial.After that, you can either continue with ads or upgrade to Pro for a one-time payment of .99.

Once the foundations have been completed, the complete kit will be delivered to your site and erected by a professional construction team.The settings menu is colorful and bubbly, and the keyboard has animated i OS-style emojis.It’s an eclectic and unique experience that isn’t for everyone, but it will be just right for some folks.With the Structural Insulated Panel System, (SIPS) one can build a starter house or a double story architect designed mansion with very little restriction on style or size. The affordable “Weaver” 80sqm SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System) kit starter house is now available as a complete shell for just R250000 (excluding delivery) and it takes just one week to erect once the foundations to floor slab level have been prepared.There are 8 standard designs on the website to choose from with prices given on application.

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There are so many themes to choose from, you can hide some messages in a private box, there are small Chat Head-like notifications, it supports in-line GIFs and You Tube videos, and it’s just as customizable as all the other apps on this list. For a quirky, super-customizable messaging app, choose Mood Messenger.

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